The Ex-Factor


Written by JL King & Brenda Stone Browder

Edited by Shirley Neal with introduction by Loren Browder

After years of estrangement, J.L. King, author of the explosive New York Times bestseller, On the Down Low: A Journey Into the Lives of “Straight” Black Men Who Sleep with Men, and his ex-wife, Brenda Stone Browder, author of the Essence Magazine bestseller, On the Up and Up: A Survival Guide for Women Living With Men on the Down Low, and the one who outted King for sleeping with men during their marriage, overcome scandal, hurt, and deception to share their very personal story of moving past the pain and learning how to heal and forgive – in their most revealing book yet.

“I’ve forgiven him. I have to forgive him,” an emotional Brenda Stone Browder said to a worldwide TV audience on a 2011 episode ofOprah’s Final Season, where she appeared on stage with King. Following an ugly separation and public divorce, King, now openly gay; and Browder, who has since remarried, pack a powerful message in this book geared for women, men, and estranged couples searching for the freedom to heal, forgive and find love again. King and Browder also answer the most common relationship questions they’ve received from emails, letters and public appearances, in an effort to help others learn how to move past the pain of separation.

If we can forgive and be friends – then anybody can do it! And we’ll show you how.
— JL King & Brenda Stone Browder
I’m so happy that my parents are friends and have moved on. Their relationship is what every couple that has divorced or separated should be like. It is important for the children that they get along.
— Ebony King
JL and Brenda

JL and Brenda

JL King & Brenda Browder Show Men, Women, Families & Couples How To:

  • Learn to Forgive
  • Let go of the anger and find love again
  • Be friends with your Ex
  • Fit in with your Ex’s new partner
  • Work things out when family gets caught in the middle
  • Make your separation and new friendship work for the children
  • Break bread with your Ex over the holidays
  • Recognize the signs when your partner is cheating

… and more